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Terms and Conditions
Please consider the following Terms and Conditions which regulate the contractual relationship between you and us and which you accept with your booking:

1. Conclusion of the contract
1.1 The contract for accomodation is concluded as soon as rooms, premises, or other supplies and services are ordered and confirmed. On demand, the EuroStar hotel will confirm reservations in writing. Should this not be possible, e.g. as time is too short, the orderer will receive a confirmation by phone which is equally binding. Should the confirmation of the reservation differ from the contents of the order, the contents of the confirmation will become subject of the contract, if the orderer will not contradict immediately after receipt of the confirmation, at latest, however, with the acceptance of the services.
Also you agree to processing of your personal data with formation of this contract.
1.2 The conclusion of the contract for accomodation obliges the contractual partners to the compliance of the contract, no matter for which duration the contract has been concluded. The concluded contract can only be cancelled for important reasons.
1.3 In case that above mentioned booking of the accomodation has been executed by third persons, so that these have to answer for the costs arising for the hotel, it will be the guest signing on the registration sheet who will expressly take over the expenses and thus will be held liable as joint debtor for the costs arising for the hotel.
1.4 Accordingly the organiser of group bookings will be responsible for the group members through the tour guide’s signature on the registration sheet.

2. Arrival and departure
2.1 If not agreed differently in writing, reserved rooms are at the guest’s disposal from 14:00 hrs on the day of arrival and have to be vacated until 12:00 hrs on the day of departure.
2.2 The reservation dates are binding for both parties. Reserved rooms are only available for the customer for the agreed period of time. The use of the reserved rooms exceeding the agreed period of time has to be agreed with the hotel. Departure later than 12:00 hrs must be communicated to reception the day before until at latest 21:00 hrs. Extra costs may arise.

3. Services
3.1 The guest does not acquire the claim for specific rooms or premises. If the agreed premises are not available, the hotel is obliged to care for an equivalent alternative in-house or in other objects. The contractual scope of supply and services is determined by the written agreements. If the guest, no matter for what reasons, does not take a booked meal, e.g. breakfast, he can neither claim refund, not even partially, nor can he detract from his payment.
3.2 If rooms or services are reserved on an optional basis, the dates of the option are binding for both parties. After the agreed deadline of the option has elapsed, the hotel can dispose freely of the option-booked rooms and services without any consultation.
3.3 If not agreed differently in writing, prices are defined per room per night, including legally binding VAT. An increase of the value-added tax after conclusion of the contract is at the customer‘s expense. Agreed prices can be changed without prior notice by the EuroStar Hotel after conclusion of the contract according to the then valid prices, if a period of more than 6 months has elapsed between conclusion of the contract and the execution of the booked services. Special conditions that might have been agreed have to be mentioned directly when booking or on arrival. Later amendments or reductions are not possible.

4. Payments
4.1 The payment of the booked services is categorically due before departure of the guest. The EuroStar Hotel is entitled to insist on prepayments amounting to the whole expectable accomodation price at any time after conclusion of the contract for accomodation. The hotel may, without giving reasons, make any order and reservation or any other service dependable on the full or partial prepayment of expectable amounts. This can be down payments, instalments of full prepayments. For the guarantee of a reservation and the services resulting from it, the EuroStar Hotel may request a credit card number of an accepted credit card provider.
4.2 If the invoice amount exceeds the costs for 3 nights, the EuroStar Hotel is entitled to make intermediate invoices, e.g. in the form of weeky bills, and to claim according payment from the guest.
4.3 Intermediate bills must be paid by the guest immediately after receipt. If the guest comes into arrears, the hotel can cancel the agreement with immediate notice. The EuroStar Hotel reserves the right to claim other costs, especially loss of earnings for alternative letting. Invoices to companies, travel agencies, etc. will only be issued, if the hotel receives a written statement for direct billing on official company paper and if this statement is accepted by the hotel. These invoices are payable within 8 days from invoice date without any discount and in the currency mentioned on the invoice. Place of fulfilment of the guest’s payment obligation is the hotel’s domicile. This also applies if a payment was credited to the guest.
4.4 The acceptance and selection of credit cards is made available to the EuroStar Hotel for every single case, also if the general acceptance of credit cards is notified on displays in the hotel. Apart from that the acceptance of cheques, credit cards and other means of payment is on account of performance.
4.5 For group reservations terms of payment are agreed individually and are mentioned on the confirmation of the reservation.

5. Cancellation policy
5.1 For single reservations:
a) Cancellations announced until 48 hours prior to arrival remain exempt from charges
b) Cancellations until 18:00 hrs on the day of arrival will be charged with 80% of the price for the arrangement
c) Cancellations made after 18:00 hrs on the day of arrival will be charged with 100%
d) differing from this, the individual conditions of the respective reservation confirmation are applicable
5.2 For periods of trade fairs and event dates
a) cancellation exempt from charges is not possible
b) all cancellations are billed with 90 % of the arrangement, no-shows with 100 %
c) differing from this, the individual conditions of the respective reservation confirmation are applicable
5.3 For group reservations:
The individual conditions of the reservation confirmation are applicable

6. Liability
6.1 The guest or the organiser are held liable by the EuroStar Hotel for damages caused by him or his guests.
6.2 The EuroStar Hotel cannot be held liable by the guest or by the contractual partner, if it is impossible to provide the booked service because of strikes or following cases of force majeure. In cases like these, the EuroStar Hotel will try to care for alternative provision of equal services.
6.3 The EuroStar Hotel can be held liable by the guest according to the regulations oft he BGB (up to a maximum of 3.000,00 €); for money and valuables according to § 702 BGB, however, only up to 750,00 €, unless the EuroStar Hotel or its staff can be blamed for the loss, or the valuables/money were committed to the EuroStar Hotel for custody, against written receipt so that a special custody contract was concluded.
6.4 If the guest brings a vehicle and this vehicle is parked on a parking space provided by the EuroStar Hotel, liability of the EuroStar Hotel is limited to the regulations of the liability insurance.
6.5 In the case of special events, it is the customer’s duty to insure objects he brings with him against theft, damage or destruction. Liability of the EuroStar Hotel is excluded.

7. Termination
7.1 If the guest uses the rooms let to him for purposes other than the agreed ones, the EuroStar Hotel has the right to extraordinary termination. Political events have to be clearly defined on reservation. If the EuroStar Hotel has reason to assume that an event will endanger the smooth daily business, the house’s security or reputation, or the guests‘ safety, also in the case of force majeure or riots, the EuroStar Hotel also has the right to termination without notice.
7.2 The same applies, if an organiser, without approval from the EuroStar Hotel, announces in a newspaper the invitation to job interviews or sales events. In these cases the hotel has the right to the agreed amount also in the case of termination.

8. Miscellaneous
8.1 Animals can be accomodated in the EuroStar Hotel against charges and if notified before arrival.
8.2 Wake-up calls, practical advice, mail and parcel services are without oblgation. Rights of whatever kind cannot be claimed from this by the guest.
8.3 Lost property (forgotten things) can be sent after against refund of costs. The period for safekeeping is 6 months.
8.4 Liability for transport of guests by the EuroStar Hotel is limited to the regulations of the vehicle’s insurance for damages to persons and properties.
8.5 Bringing own food and beverages to any event is categorically excluded. Decoration of the event location must be agreed upon, if it exceeds common table decorations.

9. General
9.1 Rights for the correction of errors and typing or calculation mistakes are reserved.
9.2 Should one or more clauses of these Terms and Conditions are or become ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining terms. Should inidividual terms be void, the regulation which is legally permissible and comes nearest to the original purpose will be valid.
9.3 Additions, amendments and minor matters (of whatever kind) need written confirmation of both parties in order to become legally binding.
9.4 In any case legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable.
As of August 2017. Place of jurisdiction is Castrop-Rauxel.