Temporary tenancy

You are work-related in Castrop-Rauxel or its neighbourhood? You are looking for a provisional flat? You want to provide a longer stay in the Ruhr for your family? Please make use of one of our suites. Each one is fully equipped with internet and television, and offers space for up to 4 people.

Staff on construction sites away from home

Far away from your family and home, we’d like to offer you a comfortable stay. After work, rest is vital. Feel free to use e.g. our sauna and relax in order to be more energetic at work the next day.


You have travelled far but want to present your products to a new clientele in a local and central vicinity? Then our offer of conference rooms may appeal to you. We can supply you with a beamer, screen and internet in one of our conference rooms without the necessity of an overnight-stay.

Holidays with dog

You don’t want to leave your dog at the boarding kennels? No problem. Why don’t you just take your darling with you? We are fond of dogs and gladly provide you with bowls and a basket. Certainly, a dog biscuit can be found inside your room.


Your beamer is out of order and you are expecting some important customers? You have no conference rooms available but want to be of assistance to your business partner? Why not just use one of our conference rooms. A beamer, a screen and internet are provided without the necessity of an overnight-stay.


Why not afford something special for your employees during further training courses? Relaxed people learn more effectively and are able to concentrate on the essential. We can offer you overnight accommodation including conference rooms which are equipped with a beamer, a screen and internet.