Restaurant "LOKAL"

We invite you to enjoy regional and seasonal meals in a relaxed and modern atmosphere.

Finish your day at our bar with a glas of wine or a cold beer; weather permitting you can
also spend your time outside.

Our team awaits you monday till friday from 6 pm, last order 9.30 pm.
Reservations beyond regular opening hours can be made on demand.

Reservation: 02305 35820

Starters and light meals

homemade bread

oven-fresh bread served with cream cheese with herbs 3,50 €


Strammer Max

brown bread with Black Forest ham and 3 fried eggs 8,90 €


bread and butter

an assortment of cheese, cold cut, brown bread and butter 8,90 €


hot soup

delicious vegetable broth with “Griesnocken” 5,50 €

spicy zucchini-curry soup 5,00 €



small mixed salad 5,00 €

big mixed salad with tomato, cucumber, tuna, boiled ham and egg 10,90 €


original American caesar salad

salad of romaine lettuce and herb croutons with parmesan strips and homemade caesar dressing 7,90 €                          

  • variation with spicy prawns 14,00 €
  • variation with roasted chicken breast strips 12,00 €


Majorcan prawns

prawns with pepper and onions tossed in wild garlic olive oil, served with oven-fresh bread 10,90 €



Main Dish


fresh tagliarini with fried chicken breast strips in a sauce of tomato – white wine 12,00 €

fresh tagliarini with fried gambas in spicy garlic-chili oil 14,00 €

gnocchi with green pesto and grilled vegetables 12,00 €



original „wiener schnitzel“ (escalope) with homemade fried potatoes and small mixed salad 19,00 €

schnitzel „Reiterbrunnen“ with bacon, fried egg and grandma´s fried potatoes 12,00 €

schnitzel „Feuer & Flamme“ with sambal hollandaise, jalapeños and French fries 11,00 €

schnitzel „Eurostar“ in a spicy sauce of onion and pepper with diced tomatoes and French fries 11,00 €

schnitzel „Knappe“ with cooked ham, white mushrooms and topped with melted cheese, served with Swiss potatoe rosti 12,00 €

schnitzel „Emscherjäger“ with a cream sauce from white mushroom and French fries 11,00 €



saddle of porc steak baked over with tomato and mozzarella, BBQ sauce and Swiss potatoe rosti 15,80 €


burger American Style

Joes classic burger with special sauce and chips 180 g best beef with tomato, cucumber and salad 10,90 €

“Scharfer Heinrich”, burger with cucumber, tomato , salad, red chili, jalapeños, bacon and spicy hollandaise 12,90 € 

“Ami Schlitten”, burger with bacon-marmelade, cucumber, tomato, salad, BBQ sauce and onion rings 12,90 €

“Caesar Burger”, crispy poultry burger with caesar salad and caesar dressing 11,90 €

“Der Italiener”, burger with tomato, mozzarella and green pesto 11,90 €

“Veggie Burger”, delicious vegetable burger with tomato, salad, cucumber and vegan BBQ sauce 10,90 €

All burgers are served with French fries.



sirloin steak of the ox with grilled vegetables, herb butter and homemade fried potatoes 22,00 €

sirloin steak of the ox with herb butter and a mix of fresh salad 19,00 €



apricot dumpling austrian style served with creamy vanilla ice 7,00 €

nougat parfait with caramelised pieces of hazelnut 6,00 €